According to the latest Kantar research – “Genuinely purpose-led brands stand to grow at twice the rate of those without any higher-order societal aim.” Twice the rate – there’s an incentive!

That research talks about B2C, where consumers are increasingly demanding that brands be socially responsible. So, what’s the score in the B2B media world? Certainly, in advertising and broadcast it’s becoming vital to show environmental concern. The emergence of Ad Green and BAFTA’s Albert Sustainability, as well as B-Corp, shows a desire by media to be greener both operationally and in their supply chain.

But what about the daily activities in the media production world that creates carbon, but are outside of the visible accountability window to their clients?

We’re talking about how all that creative output is stored responsibly for the long term. Generally speaking, most shoot data is put up on the cloud and most people don’t realise the huge amount of carbon created from storing long term shoot data online. To give you a quick idea, the elements and rushes used to make one TV ad, stored on the cloud for five years creates around 90,000kg of CO2. That’s a massive amount and completely unnecessary. At the end of a production the data needs to be kept of course, but it hardly ever needs to be readily accessible; you just need it to be safe for when you might need a recut or reversion.

There are alternative ways to store that data. Film Locker provides a safe, carbon neutral alternative to storing shoot data in the cloud and are proud to be Albert Accredited – actively helping the media world to reduce their carbon footprint.

The climate crisis clock is ticking. If you’d like to find out more about our service or just how we can help you reduce your creative carbon footprint, please give us a call.

Written By Victoria Harvey

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Photo Credit: Josh Miller