Here at Film Locker, plastic ain’t our bag!

It’s frightening to think that each person uses 700 plastic bags a year and that one single bag takes about 500 years to decay. The motto on everyone’s lips should thus remain Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

In the same spirit, we supply our own reusable thick cotton canvas bags to return cleaned hard drives to our clients for reuse. 

Our clients deliver their data to us on drives, and we archive it. Then, we check, clean, and return their drives to reuse on shoots. This saves buying new drives for each production and avoids using a complex resource-heavy product as a single-use item. This is just another way of reducing our industry’s environmental impacts and maximising the value of hard drives.

At Film Locker, we do our best to protect our clients’ data and our beloved planet.

Contact us to learn more about our low-carbon archiving service. In the meantime, follow the trend and use your own bag when you’re out and about. After all, knowing what we know about our impact on the earth, there’s simply no excuse for single use!