Last summer my son was enthralled as the sea washed his footprints away, leaving no trace of his shoreline games.

If only we could erase some other environmental impacts so easily.
It feels like there has been a sudden surge of production companies and agencies trying really hard to put sustainability at the heart of their operations. It may be driven by wider cultural shifts, consumer expectations or just the desire to do good; no matter what, it’s really exciting to see changes happening all around us.

Albert, the film and television sustainability organisation, is leading the charge, helping companies make positive sustainable changes. This summer Film Locker was awarded the Albert Accreditation for our carbon neutral service. As a company we focus on the final stages of the production chain – what to do when a project is delivered, but all the creative elements need storing carefully. It’s an issue that many productions companies are now discovering they must tackle as they realise that storing data on the cloud or on hard drives is messy, insecure and a big carbon creator.

Our recent research shows that storing the data from just one TV advert creates around 90,000 tons of CO2 over 5 years. To give you some perspective it’s the equivalent of roughly 36 return European flights or heating 2,800 homes for a day. No wonder production bodies are starting to audit this and look for alternatives.

Our carbon neutral service provides a customised and future proof storage for production companies, content creators and ad agencies. If you’d like to hear more about what we do then please give us a call, we’d love to chat to you. Alternatively come and visit us in the Green Zone of the Focus International Production Event on 3 & 4 Dec at Islington Business Centre.