Many of us are being asked to work from home at the moment while this crazy virus is in full swing, so we’re giving out some spare hard drives to help people back-up their work files at home. Please comment or share the Linkedin post if you’d like us to put your name in a hat to get one sent out to you.

Hope that helps and stay safe everyone!

Home working data back up and security tips:

· If you’re on home WiFi, make sure the password is secure

· If you’re using a PC, make sure your virus software is up to date

· If you’re on your own computer, make sure you have your personal data backed up first! Especially anything you only have one copy of, photos, financial data etc, or better still, ‘Time-Machine’ your laptop at least once a week

· Ensure you’ve got two copies of your daily working data, one on your laptop hard drive and if you can, one on your company server

· If your company server can’t be accessed, use an external hard drive to duplicate that working data, and make sure it’s kept safe in a place where the kids cant make into the foundations of a Lego-build

· Be cyber aware — here’s a good article from our friends at the DPP on cyber-security and how criminals are taking advantage of people online during the Coronavirus

· If you really want to geek out on how to back-up — here’s an article from Backblaze about some options